Divine Anthropomorphism in the Pentateuch

In response to Joel Baden’s Twitter thread about P, I am posting the PDF of my dissertation here (Knafl, Anne Katherine. Forms of God, Forming God: A Typology of Divine Anthropomorphism in the Pentateuch. PhD Dissertation, University of Chicago, 2011). It is also available through my academia.edu profile. You can purchase a copy of the revised,Continue reading “Divine Anthropomorphism in the Pentateuch”

Read/Write/Publish: Hitting Our Stride

By Anne K. Knafl, Bibliographer for Religion, Philosophy, and Jewish Studies at the University of Chicago Library. Anne facilitates the Read/Write/Publish group with her colleagues Holiday Vega and Stacie Williams. It’s been two months since our first meeting. We’ve met four times. Twenty people have actively participated. Most have participated twice or more, either attendingContinue reading “Read/Write/Publish: Hitting Our Stride”

Diverse Books & Open Conversations

Guest post by Holiday Vega On Thursday, January 16th 2020 the University of Chicago Library hosted our first book discussion as part of our new Diverse Books & Open Conversations initiative. We hope that this group provides a space for the UChicago community to engage in critical discussion around diversity and inclusion. Our first bookContinue reading “Diverse Books & Open Conversations”

Read, Write, Publish

Today was the inaugural meeting of the Read/Write/Publish group at the University of Chicago Library. This represents two years of organizing, collaborating, and connecting with my library colleagues. It is my (latest) attempt to bring together library people to talk about library stuff: the good and the bad. It has been surprisingly difficult to createContinue reading “Read, Write, Publish”

The Old University of Chicago in the New: The Library

By Anne K. Knafl and Nancy Spiegel This article is based on research by the authors for an exhibit at the Regenstein Library, which was later developed into a web exhibit “‘A Case for Reparations at the University of Chicago’: Sources.” We would like to thank Caine Jordan, Guy Emerson Mount, and Kai Parker ofContinue reading “The Old University of Chicago in the New: The Library”

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